About PRP

About Us

PR Professionals is an agency – which believes in innovation and understands the value of forging relationships – anticipating consumer requirements and publicity. We enable our clients to achieve their business goals, by creating the best communication strategies for them. We have a cumulative PR experience of over 100 years, which ensures a wide reach in all the spheres of media – whether it is print, electronic or the other forms of innovative new media.

PR Professionals unlike other PR companies, tries to make a real difference on working and dealing with our clients. We are a company with big aspirations; we believe in working with clients in an innovative manner and expect them to be as passionate as us in terms of achieving the outcomes.

We provide the most creative and professional solutions to our clients. Where a typical PR agency will have a set team of executives working for your project, we do not set our creativity idle. Instead, we aim for the best in every opportunity – by picking well-knit team of experts to execute the project.

With the broadest range of PR Experience i.e. from Social Work to Fashion; Real Estate to Retail Brands; Education to Leisure & Hospitality; Technology to Healthcare, we utilize our experience and different backgrounds to create a connect which in turn results in a creative, innovative and effective PR strategy for our clients.

We are distinguished by:

  • Vision: Preserving the spirit of i.e. mobility, practicality, integrity and adaptability.
  • Insight: World is changing at a rapid pace and the Public Relations could not be encircled with the boundaries of nation, race, culture, ethnicity or anything else. And, that is why our strategy, knowledge and creativity focus, round-the-clock, on making the world accessible and connected for one and all.
  • Business Model: Building on our key strengths i.e. relationship & resource, which enable us to compete effectively.
  • People : Young and dynamic go-getters, working ambidextrously towards your business interests.
  • Approach: Transforming a challenge into an opportunity.

PR Professionals is a platform, which aims at getting success after building reputation, developing brand equity and boosts sales, besides ensuring media access and coverage.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, PR Professionals is one of the Top 10 PR companies in India with principal offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Noida and Kolkata.