World’s Largest Vada-Pao

World's Largest Vada-Pao

World’s Largest Vada-Pao

On the occasion of World’s Vada Pao Day i.e.; 23rd August, Nukkadwala, a chain of restaurant which brings street food from across the nation, made World’s longest Vada Pao- measuring 145 feet in length. The same has been considered by the Limca Book of Recordswhich they will be featuring in their 2018 issue. This dish which is often affectionately called the Indian burger is the staple of Maharashtra. This longest ‘Indian burger’ was displayed at Vatika Business Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road. The preparations were going on for 3 days and the final product (Vada Pao) was finally made within a record time of just 3 hours. More than 2500 people attended the event and feasted on the Vada pao.

A team of 25 people from Nukkadwala headed by Chef Ajay Sood, were involved in the making of this longest Vada Pao. 200 kilograms of potatoes and 200 kilograms of bread were used for the same.

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