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We offer legal consultation services for the advocacy of any cause. Thanks to our strong government interface, cross-functional synergy, and exceptional record of social welfare projects, lasting government ties, and extensive experience in public affairs, the advocacy that we provide is one of the best in the country.

About PRP’s Advocacy Services

Advocacy refers to efforts made by an individual or a group to persuade or otherwise affect policymakers or decision-makers in areas such as government, business, or civil society. Advocacy include doing things such writing articles and publishing books in order to inform policymakers and the public about the importance of a certain issue, and to persuade them to change the way they think about it. PRP’s advocacy services include:

    a. Enhancement of engagement, campaign management, audience analysis and Hashtags blueprint; and

    b. Representation of organisations in labour, legal, environment and CSR issues

In order to achieve widespread exposure across all media outlets, our team of professionals formulates various effective tactics, including:


Government Communication

Through the use of strategic methods including conferences, encounters, events, and media relations, we create campaigns to reach and persuade influential political figures.


Public Affairs

We forge lasting bonds with government agencies to amplify your voice and improve your company's public profile.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our services include assisting clients in establishing a solid web presence and guarding that presence for the long haul.


Advisory and Research

We assist our clients in planning a wide variety of events, including exhibitions, press conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, and product and project launches.

PRP is a PR agency with philanthropy as one of the elements of its core. We advocate for, endorse, and defend various causes and initiatives. We also advocate for and defend the interests of other nonprofits and charitable organisations.

We offer legal consultations for any situation thanks to our formidable government interface, cross-functional synergy, and impressive history of social welfare initiatives, durable government partnerships, and considerable skill in public relations.

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