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PR Trends 2022 – Top 9 Emerging Trends in PR

Even before humankind discovered fire and made wheels from wood, it had already made its greatest invention- methods of communication. Communication was what helped humankind unite, form communities, survive and evolve. And till date, communication is what has helped humankind repeat its glorious history time again. But this couldn’t have been possible without a dynamic and continuously evolving method of communication itself.

On similar terms, since the concept of Public Relations came into existence, and became a vital part of almost every industry, it has undergone significant changes. The 21st century has seen major technological advancements and PR has gracefully adapted itself according to the demands generated by it. Here are the recent top PR trends in 2022 to follow that have reshaped the industry and every PR Professional must be aware of them to excel in the field.

1. A Shift Towards Digital – The 21st century has seen some major drifts and shifts in the IT industry. The Internet has now become accessible to almost every individual with a smartphone and the exchange of information has become very quick. Every small to big information is prone to spread quickly, and you never know at what pace. Every individual having access to social media is now a small media house in itself and this has resulted in the decline of print media. In such times, online PR becomes the game-changer. It is essential to have your presence known on online social platforms. One must be very observant and aware of all the pr trends dominant on the internet. Master the art of social monitoring and be very quick to respond and do the needful wherever required.

2. High-Quality Content – In these times, when digital PR is becoming more prominent, content becomes a key factor determining your face value. There is no dearth of content on the internet since every individual has access to it. To stand out from the crowd, one needs to ensure high-quality content on all the online forums to make your representation strong. A PR kit without good content appears like a half-filled vessel.

3. SEO – The world is moving at a fast pace. Our lifestyle does not allow us to spend months doing extensive research before settling for an option. People tend to make peace with investing, and start building on the first good prospect they come across. We must never forget that the market is full of good options. Thus, it is very necessary to make our presence visible. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most reliable methods to stay on top of the search results related to a keyword displayed on Google. Using SEO to find out relevant keywords and integrating them into your content will increase your chance of being featured on the first page Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

4. Quantitative vs Qualitative Measurement – While the quantity of responses on a social media page is good for face value, and momentary satisfaction, it is quality that matters in the long run. Quantitative metrics might appear to be easier, but they do not give an accurate or full-scale picture of public relations ROI. Qualitative responses are what result in something and bear fruits. One must focus on being a target audience specific to get qualitative responses and bend their efforts towards harnessing the results satisfying the actual purpose of PR.

5. Multi-Tasking – PR officials who aren’t aware of the benefits of self-dependency! PR firms that can generate content, handle media, do the outreach, monitor social media and weave in different fabrics of PR together have more chances to perform better, and that is what clients seek.

6. Virtual Events– Virtual events are online events that have people interacting through webinars and webcasts. These are an economically and environmentally effective way of connecting thousands of people from all over the world. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, ground events have come to a halt due to restrictions. Many organizations and businesses have made virtual events as an effective system of
holding conferences, meetings and seminars. These events have continued to be a popular choice even in the post covid era as sheer convenience for companies/brands to showcase and market their products to participants and connect with them through presentations, expos, online chats etc. This is where they need PR agencies to provide a unified platform for their clients to connect with people even when no physical events are being held, in order to keep their businesses functioning and keep them connected with their target audiences. It is
expected to see more of such virtual events in the year 2022.

7. Community-Led Storytelling– Another trend of effective marketing and brand endorsement is storytelling by real-life characters. The influence and aura of public figures and celebrities are quickly fading away. With digital and social media taking centre stage, people have begun to trust recommendations through word of mouth. The viewers/listeners find authentic content or live reviews by actual consumers to be more honest and believable than other forms of promotions by brands. PR agencies are helping companies and brands, to build a community of such vocal customers who become endorsers and advocates for their products. Such a practice of Community-led storytelling is more acceptable and authentic rather than direct brand-led communication. 2022 will see many more brands structure a meaningful
brand advocacy strategy through PR agencies.

8. Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing is a concept where such people are identified, who have a strong influence on a brand’s industry or target clientele. Influencers are people, who are believed to have valuable inputs about a product or brand, among their niche audience and use their credibility to sway the minds of those listening to them. This helps in creating brand visibility and its endorsement.
Usually, people with large fan following and viewership on social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube etc. make good influencers, for example, local radio DJs, podcasters, or online bloggers or vloggers. A brand counts on PR agencies to find the right and dedicated influencers who are popular and have been able to connect well with the audiences through influencer campaigns. PR agencies
also make sure that the content provided by these influencers is in sync with the brand’s requirements and not counterproductive. In 2022, the focus will be on maintaining a good relationship with existing influencers and connecting with new ones as well.

9. Personalized Pitching– The concept of personalized pitching is trending in the PR world and can go a long way in the coming years if used wisely. It is the most effective channel for pitching journalists for a particular campaign or brand endorsement. Reporters are loaded with tons of pitches and emails a day, so it becomes really important here to tailor the PR pitches by creating messages on emails that are eye-catching and have direct relevance to their interests, which means, the content has to be short and to the point. Also, in order to build instant trust and relationships with journalists, it is vital to be well aware of their areas of expertise and the work done by them so far. Mentioning journalists’ previous stories or articles to make a connection between the personalized pitch and their arena, can leave a positive impact for potential coverage.

These are some really effective new public relations trends you can include in 2022 PR activities.