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Bihar Business Connect 2023: Changing Perceptions, Generating Opportunities


In 2023, Bihar emerged as a beacon of economic potential and growth with the successful execution of the ‘Bihar Business Connect 2023’ Global Investors Summit. This transformative event, led by PR Professionals, a part of the PRP Group, aimed to reshape the state’s image and unlock its vast economic possibilities, ultimately creating substantial employment opportunities.

For years, Bihar has been rich in resources and a burgeoning market yet overshadowed by negative stereotypes and misconceptions. Many potential investors overlooked the state, basing their judgments on outdated information. Recognizing this as a barrier to progress, PRP launched a comprehensive communication strategy to debunk these myths and attract investment.

The Summit’s Success

The summit was a resounding success, drawing participation from 600 firms, including 400 from outside Bihar, with pledged investments totalling Rs 50,000 crore across various sectors. This substantial influx of capital not only demonstrated confidence in Bihar’s potential but also marked a significant shift in perception.

Strategic Communication: The Game Changer

PRP’s integrated communication approach was crucial in driving this change. Through strategic messaging and targeted outreach, the campaign highlighted Bihar’s strengths: its abundant human resources, rich raw materials, expansive market, and rapidly improving infrastructure. The summit showcased Bihar’s untapped opportunities, attracting attention from 16 countries, including the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

Key Tactics Employed

To maximize the summit’s impact, PRP leveraged digital platforms extensively to reach a wider audience base, including potential investors and stakeholders. Targeted social media campaigns, email newsletters, and strategic SEO efforts ensured heightened visibility and engagement online.

A well-crafted PR strategy was also pivotal, with PRP strategically disseminating positive narratives about Bihar’s industrial potential and investment opportunities. This involved crafting compelling press releases, pitching stories to influential media outlets, and facilitating media interviews to garner favourable coverage.

Additionally, PRP secured widespread coverage in leading national and international media publications, amplifying the summit’s message and enhancing Bihar’s visibility on the global stage.

Impactful advertisements were placed in prominent newspapers to reach key decision-makers, investors, and industry leaders, effectively showcasing Bihar as a promising investment destination.

A trending campaign on Twitter, orchestrated with a dedicated hashtag, fostered real-time conversations and generated buzz around Bihar Business Connect 2023, extending its reach to a diverse online audience.

Targeted Google Ads campaigns ensured Bihar’s investment opportunities were prominently featured in relevant search results, attracting potential investors actively seeking information in related sectors.

Visually stunning print materials, including brochures, booklets, and coffee table books, were meticulously designed to showcase Bihar’s economic potential, infrastructure, and success stories, leaving a lasting impression on stakeholders.

An intuitive and informative website dedicated to Bihar Business Connect 2023 served as a comprehensive online resource for investors, featuring event details, speaker profiles, investment opportunities, and success stories.

Captivating promotional videos, including teasers, TV commercials (TVCs), and pitch videos, were produced and strategically distributed across various platforms to highlight Bihar’s strengths, achievements, and investment potential, compellingly conveying the summit’s message to a diverse audience.


Through the seamless integration of these communication initiatives, Bihar Business Connect 2023 successfully garnered widespread attention, attracted significant investment commitments, and reshaped perceptions of Bihar as a thriving hub for business and investment. This summit stands as a testament to the power of strategic communication in driving economic transformation, laying the groundwork for a prosperous future and positioning Bihar as a beacon of opportunity and innovation.