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Common Myths Associated with PR Fraternity

A “Public Relations is an art by which an organisation or an individual communicate with public. In a country like India, it is at nascent stage so number of people are bemused about the PR functioning. Also, the art and science of public relations is still more art than science. This also led to confusion in the society and people develop myths relating to the PR fraternity.

Enumerated below are the common myths associated with PR fraternity.

A PR is only creating media relations: It is true that PR professional deals with a media, these two are like a match made in the heaven. But it does not mean that it works only with media. A PR Professional also deals with the target audience so that both your company and your audience benefit.

It’s a glamorous world: Many think that a PR is a glamorous world where a person attains star-studded glitzy parties but it’s untrue. It involves hardship like the other fields where a PR personal satisfy the client to fulfil the assigned task.

Women dominated job: There is a misconceived notion regarding PR that it is a women-dominated workspace, but men too are also prevalent in this profession

Good products do not need PR: Some people are with the view that PR is needed only to improve the image of products which are bad or personalities who are dealing with controversy. That is untrue as people who have well–trusted products and are known to be having a good reputation should continue to hallmark this viewpoint in the spotlight and make it their USP.

There are some of the other myths associated with the fraternity. But it is up to us to understand the PR working nicely to avoid myths.

The author of this opinion article is Ms. Navdeep Nandre at PR Professionals