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Evolution of Public Relations in India

From nobody knowing about PR to it becoming one of the world’s most popular jobs, PR has come a long way in India. There was a time people only knew about journalism and advertising but PR was considered similar to HR. Today it is very commonly said by a layman too, “You need PR!”

The PR industry is fast expanding in the country. Public Relations is to communicate to the public with a view to changing their mindset in a certain direction. Also, its purpose is to create goodwill for the communicating organizations, eventually leading to support from the public.

Today PR agencies have also started doubling up as digital agencies, social media agencies by offering a plethora of services like content marketing, digital marketing, etc. in order to become a one-stop-shop for all the needs of the client. PR has evolved and still continues to fast evolve in India. Today, most of the big PR agencies in India are multinationals and have global networks and outreach. Gradually, the Indian PR industry is receiving more and more attention for creating innovative strategic communications, building significant brands, dealing with crises and improving customer communication. A lot has moved online offering a boost to the industry wherein campaigns have now become 360 degrees touching all aspects of the marketing mix.