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How To Become A Public Relations Specialist?

Public Relations specialist, allows you to manage information flow between organizations and potential clients. This activity has the purpose of creating a positive image for the company in the minds and hearts of customers and other stakeholders. Any firm or individual can communicate its views in society through persuasion, news dissemination and the dissemination.

A PR manager acts as an intermediary between the company’s target audience and the company. This person creates and maintains positive images of the company, which directly impacts sales volumes. This employee, unlike an advertising manager interacts with the outside environment to analyze and evaluate the factors that impact the organization’s image. This profession has many advantages, including its relevance and high salary. It also allows for communication with the media. There is plenty of competition on the labor market.

Learn more about responsibilities

A Public Relations specialist can handle:

  • Development and implementation of a PR strategy
  • Monitoring the competitive environment
  • Formation of a PR-activity plan
  • Use social media and SMM to your advantage
  • Organisation of diverse events
  • Analyse and evaluation of PR campaigns’ effectiveness;
  • Writing press releases, news releases and articles for the company’s website.

Specific requirements that a PR specialist must meet

A public relations specialist must have a degree in marketing, public relations or another related field. The specialty “Advertising and Public Relations”, for example, would be a great choice. A public relations specialist should also be skilled in:

  • Copywriting skills;
  • Competent oral and written speech
  • Oratory skills.

A public relations specialist must be confident using a computer and be able to use MS Office, graphic programs, and other software. A strong advantage is the ability to speak a foreign language, especially English.

A little bit of PR history

Public Relations is an area whose origins can be traced back to ancient times. People were persuaded to accept the power and religion of their rulers even during the glory days of Sumer, Babylon and Ancient Greece. Today’s PR techniques were developed in Europe and the USA. Harvard University even had its own publicity bureau in 1900.

The United States saw the rise of departments and companies that worked with the public in the 1920s as a response to expose-oriented reporters. The US experienced a PR boom between 1945 and 1965. PR became an independent direction as a result.

Although PR is a profession that evolved in the 1920s in the USA, India has a long tradition of it from its past. Chanakya wrote the first manual on public relations for a monarch that outlined strategies for the governance of the state by a ruler in 375BC. This was Arthshastra. There are many other historical examples and records of successful communication strategies that different people have used throughout the centuries.

How to get into Public Relations?

A diploma in advertising and public relations can get you a job at a publishing house, PR agency or department of public relations. Many modern companies have this degree. An experienced public relations specialist is in high demand for his or her skills in politics and other projects related to media and the Internet.


A novice PR specialist must be able to communicate well and have a good understanding of the basics of management. Although the initial salary may be modest, many companies offer good opportunities to climb the career ladder.

After 1-2 years of experience in the field, a senior public relations specialist can begin to create advertising materials and press releases, as well as compile information and write articles. This stage is where the specialist gains experience organizing seminars, exhibitions, and press conferences.

After three years of experience, a PR manager starts to earn a better salary. He also understands the principles behind PR strategies and has a list of contacts to help media representatives. A PR manager’s career does not end there. There is the potential to be a leader in your field in the future as large companies vie for your services. These fees will be high.

His portfolio is the best indicator of success for a public relations specialist. To evaluate the work of PR specialists, potential employers use specific mechanisms. For example, they can assess whether the specialist was able bring a new brand onto the market or whether he increased sales or brand awareness.

How much a Public Relations specialist make

A little more than 1,000 vacancies had been opened in India for public relations specialist as of June 2022. Half of the vacancies had salaries in India in the Rs 40k to Rs 43k range.

A PR manager is the high-paid profession in the capital of the country starts with the average salary for this position is Rs 50k. There are many vacancies in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, and Bangalore.

Experienced and qualified PR managers can make a decent living. First, you must choose a university that will give you the best education and practical experience. Your curiosity, hard work, and desire to improve will determine the direction of your career.