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How To Increase Your Brand Exposure With Public Relations?

Public Relations is the management of the two-way communication between the organisation and the public. It is one of the marketing tools that can help the brand to keep it’s recognition. The way a brand is promoted is presented by public relations and it is also one of the traditional five P’s of marketing (product, price, place, people and promotion).

PR is part of our overall branding strategy and it generally displays the business to the new target audiences and this is how the businesses communicate with the people. As living in the digital era, information spreads much faster and PR manages how we spread information. That’s why every business or organisation should have a public relations strategy.

The most important goal of PR is to improve the reputation of the business and build brand awareness. In order to improve the reputation of the business, we need to focus on press releases and speaking engagements at various events. In this way, we are promoting our brand indirectly.

We can also highlight these things to improve the image of the company:-

  • displaying customer testimonials
  • encouraging customers to review our products
  • leveraging social proof

An effective public relations plan helps builders build positive, trusting relationships with current and potential customers.

There are other few strategies through which PR helps in increasing the brand exposure:

  • By defining the company’s goals and objectives: Having a clear vision regarding our company’s objectives and goals helps in communicating our brand in the market. We need to take it seriously and genuinely invest our time in this. They will play a vital role in defining the aim and objectives of the company and also the brand.

We have to make sure that our vision statement should states that where we want our company to stand in the future and our mission states that how our goals can be achieved. While defining our mission, we must be specific because our mission is the framework of our company’s success.

  • By identifying the Brand’s Unique Selling Point: If we want to build a world-class brand then we require a Unique Selling Point (USP) which evokes an emotion or belief in the customers. USP helps in defining our brand in the market and also set it apart from the competition.

We have to answer various questions while creating the brand’s USP: Who is our target audience? How are we solving our customer’s problems? What are the benefits to your product or service over your competition?

Reviewing these answers will help us create the brand’s USP. We need to seek input so that we have the most captivating and well-defined USP.

  • Know your Target Audience’s favourite Media Outlets: For building awareness, we need to get our brand in front of the right people. In this digital era, it has now become more easier to identify our specific market and media outlets. We need to prepare a list of reporters, editors and influencers at all local, regional and national media outlets including smaller and niche publications/ websites that cater to our target audience.

Public relations is a relationship business and therefore it is necessary to introduce ourselves and also our company to the reporters and editors by which we can generate publicity about our company and brand.

  • While pitching the Media, we must make it personal: Public relations is generally used as a lead generation tool to increase sales, when we are pitching a story idea to a journalist, we apply the sales rules and tactics that are already known to us. Therefore we must be careful while working with the media, we must not over-hype or try to sell journalists.

We must focus on how our products and services solve the problems of the customers. We can pitch the media about the additional features of the product or service, but lastly, we should focus on how we are helping our customers.

People generally don’t buy products, they buy brands. Therefore PR is very important in increasing the brand exposure of the business. Branding is a key component of every marketing campaign and including public relations in our branding strategy will help us rise above the barriers occurring in the market and help us have a good relationship with the customers and also learn how to manage our public relations strategy properly can help improve our brand exposure.