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How Artificial Intelligence Makes PR Campaign Smarter in 2022 ?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into every field, including Public Relations (PR). The use of AI can revolutionize the way PR works by automating myriad routine tasks. Tech-savvy PR agencies nowadays use AI-enabled IT services to streamline social media management, media monitoring, and website analytics. If leveraged in the correct way, AI can make every PR campaign a huge success. AI, however, will always require human intervention in order to function satisfactorily. 

Let’s now dig deeper to understand how AI can change the game for PR experts.

In general, artificial intelligence refers to technologies that enable machines to mimic human cognitive functions, such as reading, writing, and analyzing data. With machine learning, AI technologies can increase their performance by themselves. They can also be trained by humans by feeding them adequate relevant data to make predictions.

Knowingly or unknowingly, human beings have become increasingly dependent upon Artificial Intelligence. AI and Machine learning have already been influencing our daily lives in various ways. For instance, your smartphone’s voice assistant leverages AI; likewise, e-commerce sites also rely on AI to make recommendations for you based on what you’ve previously purchased. Similarly, your Gmail account utilizes AI to predict what you will type next.

AI–Helping PR Pros Make Data-Driven PR Strategies

The world is slowly and gradually becoming data-driven. Though AI is still in its infancy in the PR industry, many PR firms are now embracing newer technologies to create data-driven campaigns, predict crises, or manage social media using data analytics. By integrating AI into PR strategies, companies can leverage data from a variety of media sources to chalk out winning data-driven PR strategies.

Moreover, with the help of AI-enabled tools, brands can obtain accurate impression numbers, and analyze what content resonates with their audience. As an excellent tool for automating repetitive tasks, AI is increasingly making its way into the PR world, helping PR professionals streamline their daily activities. Its machine-powered intelligent analysis capabilities can be used to empower PR professionals in numerous ways:

  1. AI facilitates smart automation which in turn can mitigate operational costs, thereby boosting the RoI of PR agencies.
  2. Additionally, predictive analytics tools can tailor story angles for journalists based on trends, interests, and past reports. More importantly, it can also predict the likelihood that a journalist will cover your story.
  3. In the near future, it will be possible for AI’s natural language generation to write press releases and media reports.
  4. Forward-thinking PR agencies already use AI to convert speech to text during media interviews, press conferences, presentations, internal meetings and so forth. In addition, AI can translate audio files and text files into many different languages.

Will AI Replace Human PR Professionals?

The answer is NO! While AI is here to stay and has the potential to offer businesses many benefits, it cannot supersede humans. Consequently, human involvement will always be crucial in the PR industry. PR professionals need to pay attention to the emotional aspects of any brand message when they communicate the same to the media. While AI is a smart technology, it lacks the ability to empathize like a human can. Therefore, the best outcome can be achieved only when Artificial Intelligence and PR experts work together effectively to create wonders in PR campaigns and other brand building activities. A collaborative approach is thus imperative to create a win-win situation.