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Marketing In Times Of The Dreaded Covid-19

The world has come to a standstill. Covid-19 which reared its head in China back in December 2019, today has impacted most of the countries around the globe. People are staying indoors, have slowed down and wary of social interaction. This has certainly had its impact on all businesses. Right from a small hawker on street to Mr. Mukesh Ambani; all are feeling the heat. Marketing efforts are also slackened since all campaigns will take a backseat. No on ground activations, events, conferences will take place and plans will be postponed.
Perhaps in these difficult times, digital will have an edge. Digital campaigns can be smoothly run from anywhere. Internet consumption will increase in the coming days given the fact that people are home bound. People will be spending a lot of time in “netflixing and chilling” and on social media, digital’s fortunes are likely to increase manifold. Digital agencies’ clients will be bullish on digital campaigns to stay afloat even while all are socially distanced.
Brands are scrambling to stay relevant in these trying times when the economy is nearing a recession. These are testing times. We are all in it. Nobody is spared. Such is nature, it has the capacity to bring all to their knees. Most powerful nation to the most powerful leaders. Let us hope for a brighter and healthier summer. Stay safe.