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Role of Public Relations in Marketing

Marketing is a significant part of a business strategy that helps companies in selling products and services to consumers. Consumers before making a purchase want to know about the products and how they can meet their needs. They also want to know the maker of the product to check how reliable they are. This is all about awareness, which is created through Public Relations (PR) activities, raised among prospects. So, the role of PR starts even before the product comes to market during which it develops the foundation for a successful marketing campaign in future.

Public relations in marketing can help companies reach a great audience, communicate and build trust among them. Top 5 functions of PR in marketing are as follows-

1. Media/Investors Relations– An important function of PR is to maintain a relationship with media that helps the marketing team send out a message to the stakeholders as per the need. Simultaneously, PR department keeps investors, who are the essential part of an organisation, informed about the news of the company that ultimately helps the marketing department in taking quick decisions.

2. Brand Building and Creating Trust– The success of marketing depends heavily on the brand image created and the trust developed over the years among prospects. PR activities play a vital role in brand and trust-building which help in attracting the consumers towards the brand and quickening their decision making.

3. Creating and Amplifying Messages– The PR team builds messaging strategy, and create messages to be disseminated after the consultation of the marketing team about the target audiences. Once these things are fixed, the PR team starts working on amplifying messages and helps the marketing team reach the target.

4. Messaging Channels– Drafting good messages is not enough. It is equally important to understand which channel is most appropriate to reach out to target audiences. After meticulous examination, the PR team decides on the effective publication channels that not only benefit the company but also help the target group of consumers. Placement of messages on appropriate platforms helps the marketing team in generating more leads and in conversions. PR activities assist in developing rapport with the audiences by establishing regular communication with them. It makes the company understand the consumer, their needs and aspirations.

5. Stimulating Demand– The awareness created among consumers through PR activities helps in augmenting demand. People find it easy to get the exact product they want while knowing the product well. It saves the search time of consumers.

The importance of public relations in marketing can be understood by the fact that it complements marketing activities that help significantly in implementing the strategy and achieving the desired results. Hence, it becomes essential to take PR services before you go for marketing. With expert PR Professionals, our organisation can help you achieve PR goals that will ultimately boost your marketing campaign.