With the advent of electronic devices, the way messaging works has changed. Customer decisions are driven on interconnected devices and new frontiers such as influencers are on the rise. As a direct result of these numerous changes, customer engagement, brand management, brands and consultancies need to change. The new aspect of targeted marketing on interconnected… Read more Steps of developing a Digital Marketing Service

Website is the most trusted and easily accessible address of your brand, that is why the likelihood of a consumer visiting your website is fairly high today. Prospects first visit website and try to know you better before making a final decision. Thus, you create your first impression through website. This buying behavior makes it… Read more Website: An Effective Medium of Communication

The spokesperson plays an important role in getting information about the organization out to the media and controlling the flow of that information. They work closely with brand managers and professionals to craft statements and press releases, ensuring that information is relevant and timely. Spokesperson Training: Before facing the media a spokesperson must do these… Read more Role of Spokesperson in COMMUNICATION

Great, sensible and appealing content in all forms is king! Our senses are constantly bombarded with various kinds of contents. It could be in the form of text, visuals or audio. Content that stands apart and is compelling wins the race among this rush of content. Digital agencies, PR agencies and social media agencies must… Read more Content is king! Long live the king!