The Covid 19 pandemic gravely impacted the economy. The component of savings increased and investments became a sceptical thought for a majority of the population. After more than a year of businesses struggling financially and adapting to the new normal, investors are now more optimistic about investing in new ventures again. With a valuation of… Read more Here’s Why Startups Commencing Post Covid Should Invest In PR!

As the country faces an unprecedented crisis the likes of which never seen before, healthcare communication becomes of paramount importance. The communication between the government and the public not only acts as a lifeline for the people, but it also disseminates vital information and helps in spreading awareness to the masses. During this time, Public Relation… Read more Role of PR Firms in Mitigating the Corona Pandemic

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The world has come to a standstill. Covid-19 which reared its head in China back in December 2019, today has impacted most of the countries around the globe. People are staying indoors, have slowed down and wary of social interaction. This has certainly had its impact on all businesses. Right from a small hawker on… Read more Marketing In Times Of The Dreaded Covid-19