What is the meaning of Corporate Communication? Rapidly changing business environment has made it necessary to maintain regular communication with all the stakeholders, and corporate communications came into existence out of this very need. Corporate communication includes written, spoken and non-spoken (like photographs, infographics) messages which help execute all internal and external communications. It is… Read more Role Of Corporate Communications In An Organisation

Companies strive to become a brand as it serves many purposes simultaneously. It helps a company acquire a unique stature in a highly competitive market and thus, creates trust among all the stakeholders. Building trust and credibility take years, while a crisis and related media coverage just for a day is enough to dilute all… Read more Role of PR in Crisis Management

The occurrence of untoward circumstances such as disasters causes unprecedented chaos in the daily life of the common man. The widespread dilemma created by calamities affects the decision-making ability of not only the general public but also the authority concerned. But, the situation demands a quick action to mitigate the impact and ensure the well-being… Read more Disaster Management And The Role Of Communication