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Digital Marketing

Our flexible team of astute digital marketing specialists, comprising social media content writers, content writers, and extremely creative graphic designers expertly collaborate cross-functionally to provide invaluable and creative content for the digital marketing of our clients’ brands.

About PRP’s Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is utilises the Internet and devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones to promote a brand’s products and services through social media. Digital marketing comprises:

    a. Channel specialised social networking services: Included in the strategy planning process are: account/profile development and branding, content creation across all channels, content publishing, research and analyses, and management of campaigns and online communities. All this to educate consumers about a brand’s products or services; and

    b. Examining search volume and competition for target keywords: Keyword research, setting up and managing digital marketing campaigns, maintaining the quality of online ads, reviewing the effectiveness of the advertisement and keep tabs on the number of leads and sales that it generates.

The advent of the digital-era has certainly caused a number of paradigm shifts, including the way in which marketing in done. Today, with virtually every individual equipped with Internet-enabled gadgets, months move at the pace of days. Thus, social media has become one of the most important promotional platforms available today.

For the successful digital marketing of your brand, the services we provide are:


Managing Brands

We know just how to create a buzz about your brand in social media websites. With the know-how our digital marketing team has, brands can communicate better with their audiences, thereby fostering an environment conducive to expansion and development of businesses.


Social Media Management

Professionals in social media public relations team at PRP can greatly improve your brands interaction and relationship with its consumers. We are also experts in increasing traction (read traffic or visitors) to your website and that results in your Google rankings rising.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our search engine optimisers have decades of collective experience and employ a variety of strategies, including writing engaging content, using relevant keywords, building quality backlinks, etc.


The Art of Reputation Management in the Digital Age

We keep tabs on people's and businesses' online reputations across social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. This helps in maintaining your brand’s goodwill and reputation online.


The Science and Art of Performance-Based Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and promoting a company's name are merged into one strategy known as "performance marketing," in which compensation is offered only after the desired action has been taken. We use PPC strategies to improve the feedback your brand’s online ads get.


Influencer Marketing

To help our clients reach audiences with their desired demographics, we collaborate with influential people in the industry to spread the word about your brand via their respective online communities.

Broadly speaking, our digital marketing strategies are based on:

    a. Social Media Management: With the world going digital, consumers go to a product's Facebook page to learn more about it. Instagram users inquiring about clothing and accessories often utilise DMs to ask specific questions about items they've seen online. Because of this, it's important to tailor your brand's message for each individual social media platform. Even though Facebook is ideal for the e-commerce and fashion industries, it may not be the best fit for a product in the IT sector. In short, we understand which social media platform your brand needs for social marketing.
    PRP has an expert and close-knit digital team that can help you figure out your options. To assist you in building your social media presence, our team comprises digital strategists, account managers, inventive copywriters, and graphic designers.

    b. Content Marketing: The content that your brand presents is just as important for Google as it is for your consumers. And both look for just one thing: quality content.The finest content is the one that educates or entertains the audience. In the digital realm, people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. A regular blog article with only text may not capture eyes of a potential consumer, but a simple modification of presenting it in a graphical manner may just do the trick.
    Each article, blog, story, case-study, et al our content marketing team produces for your brand will have a specific goal in mind and will provide readers with some key takeaways. As part of our service, we also supply any necessary visuals to complement the text.

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